International cooperation

We are a Ukrainian company that manufactures silencers for weapons ™ "STEEL"! We have been developing and manufacturing exclusively muzzle devices since 2014. We produce silencers for all types of rifled and smoothbore weapons.

Our silencers have proven to be reliable and of high quality in the Ukrainian market and in many other countries. They are successfully used in war, sports and hunting. Our products allow shooting to be more comfortable, safe and efficient, and reduce the sound level of the shot.

We are interested in expanding our market, so we are entering the European market and offer your shop / factory / shooting range a partnership with us.

Our offer includes:

1. The highest quality product: Our muzzle devices meet the highest standards of quality and safety. They are designed using advanced technology and materials to ensure optimum performance.
2. Wide Range: We offer a variety of muzzle devices to meet the needs of different types of weapons and shooting styles. You can choose the products that best suit your range.
3. Competitive Prices: We offer competitive prices for our products, allowing you to benefit from increased sales and profits.
4. Support and cooperation: We are ready to provide you not only with products, but also with full support in the production and implementation of joint marketing activities to increase the turnover of your store / factory / shooting range etc.

We offer you to join our efforts to create a profitable partnership that will benefit both parties. 

Contact us for cooperation, additional information and other possible questions / suggestions:

International sales department:

Phone:  +48799358262  /  +380667515126  /  +380990839394


You can download the Presentation about our company and the Product list from the links below!