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Suppressor IMMORTAL XL AIR .223

Caliber: .223
Thread: 14x1, 14x1Lh, 15x1, 16x1, 17x1, 18x1, 24x1.5, 1/2x28, 1/2x20, 5/8x24 and others, check availability with a consultant
Weight: 608 gr
Dimensions: 160x47
Material and coating: Italian stainless steel for weapons
Coating: Cerakote
Sound attenuation: up to 31dB 65%
Design features :
Cameras: 15+1 (analogue of 22 cameras)
Not collapsible
Front expansion camera
Floating separator unit with gas discharge
3rd generation powder gas splitter
Discharges powder gases to 70-80%
Possibility of automatic firing mode: yes
Warranty: 3 years
Color: black


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