Знайомство з компанією "STEEL"

Getting to know the company "STEEL"

I suggest you get to know us a little better!

We are the "STEEL" company, which takes the honorable first place in the production of silencers for weapons and various muzzle devices in Ukraine and is one of the leading leaders in the world market! Our principle is maximum quality at a moderate price, and the reference point is precisely the result and tasks for which the client chooses the device.

We already have an army of satisfied customers from all over the world who bought the muffler from us! Our clients are military, law enforcement agencies, hunters, sportsmen, military personnel and just people with weapons for self-defense. These are people of different professions and hobbies, but all of these people have one thing in common - the desire to shoot quietly, reliably and accurately, and we, in turn, successfully help you in this! After all, the credo of our company: Every Client should be happy and satisfied with the result of working with the STEEL ™ device;)

In production, we use only high-quality materials: titanium, aluminum, stainless steel for weapons and other necessary materials.

Since 2014, we have been offering our users reliable and functional sound moderators (mufflers) oriented to the tasks. Many of the first silencers are still working on the front line!

Our engineering department develops reliable, easy-to-use and high-tech products using the experience gained over the years of close cooperation with the Armed Forces, the Security Service of Ukraine and other power structures and units.

Most models of suppressors fully meet the highest requirements for extinguishing the sound of a shot, completely remove the flash, support automatic firing mode and have such wear resistance that they can survive even the weapon itself. We give you a guarantee for each product up to 5 years, depending on the model!

The history of our company began in 2014, when we became volunteer manufacturers of silencers for our military in the ATO zone, with the aim of helping the Ukrainian army. And during all these years, we continued to fulfill our mission. And so, already in 2022, we are also helping our valiant soldiers of the Armed Forces, special forces and simply defenders of our country to perform their tasks as efficiently and quietly as possible. Defend our Motherland on the way to victory from the Russian invaders!

Every day we are getting better and better, because we are talking about human lives, about every smallest nuance, so that our soldiers return home alive and defeat the enemy in battle!

Our model range is the largest in the world among muffler manufacturers and includes more than 100 different models. Prices vary from the most budget options to premium models, which are also many times more affordable than their global counterparts. You will definitely be able to choose the perfect option for your shooting tasks and budget!

And if necessary, we will make an individual device, taking into account all needs and tasks.

Go to the "Product Catalog" and choose the ideal muffler or muzzle device that suits you best.

And if you need help or advice when choosing, contact our managers at the phone numbers listed at the bottom of the main page of the site or fill out the feedback form located at the top of the main page under the name "Write to us".

Shoot quietly and accurately! Approach the victory of Ukraine!

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