Про підробки

About copies

Unfortunately, the issue of counterfeiting our products has become too relevant lately. That is why we decided to write this post.

Nowadays, competitors are appearing on the market, trying to make counterfeits of our products and putting our logo on them, thus tarnishing our reputation. Some people unknowingly come across such fakes and buy them. Attention! Our website is the official point of sale of STEEL! We sell only quality products, each of which has a warranty. Therefore, in order not to become a victim of criminals who counterfeit our products and make them as low-quality as possible, in order not to risk your life and your fellow soldiers, we urge you to buy on our website, because this is the main official point of sale of STEEL products!

Attention: Our products look exactly as shown on the website in the product items and we have nothing to do with fake low-quality products!
If you suddenly became a victim of counterfeiters and bought low-quality products under the name of our company, be sure to inform the managers of STEEL, because a criminal case is underway on the fact of counterfeiting original products.

Thank you for your attention and time! Buy only original and official products!

Shoot quietly and accurately!

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