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About cooperation

In pre-war times, businesses specializing in the production of military products were characterized by poor liquidity of companies, low competition for assets, relatively low economic multiples, and lack of transparency in contractual relations. However, today's world requires a new approach to the development of the military industry!

The company "STEEL" was founded in 2014 and specializes in the production of suppressors (silencers) for weapons.

Today, company "STEEL" is a leading and modern brand with the world's largest range of suppressors, which allows us to meet the needs of the most demanding shooter. By working hard, we have earned an honorable place as a leader among manufacturers of suppressors in the Ukrainian market, more than 40% of our army is equipped with "STEEL" company`s products.

Our team has its own innovative developments, such as a floating separator unit, gas unloading systems, an air labyrinth, and much more, and most of the products we manufacture have quality characteristics that are 3 to 7 times higher than those of the world leaders.

Realizing that production volumes are constantly increasing, STEEL invites all those interested in the development of military products to cooperate on a contractual basis.

By choosing "STEEL", you will receive:

  • unique ready-made technology and high quality, for which a team of engineers, technologists, designers, managers and marketers worked for thousands of hours;
  • working scheme of production in a closed cycle;
  • support in all areas of the organization of the functioning process: (marketing, production, support for quality, logistics, engineering departments, support during testing and testing of product samples)
  • assistance/support in legal matters;
  • documentary and consulting support on permits, contracts for the production and sale of products, etc.

The company "STEEL" offers cooperation within the following main packages:

  • LITE (from USD 22,000): grants the right to use the registered industrial design "STEEL", namely to manufacture and put into civilian circulation one model of suppressors (silencers) based on the industrial design;
  • CLASSIC (from USD 55,000): grants the right to use the registered industrial design "STEEL", namely to manufacture and put into civilian circulation three models of suppressors (silencers) using the industrial design;
  • MAX (from USD 350,000): grants the right to use the registered industrial design "STEEL", namely, to manufacture and put into civilian circulation all models of suppressors (silencers) (more than 30) using the industrial design.

All three packages cover the provision of full technical documentation, description of technical processes for production, assistance during commissioning at the production site, further support and quality control.

The price does not include the cost of equipment, but includes rights for an unlimited period.

In addition, in case of purchase of the above packages, the buyer is not granted the right to sell and/or transfer intellectual property rights to the industrial design to any other persons, and is prohibited from disclosing information on the technical features of production.

There are also various individual cooperation programs. For example, if you specialize in the production of weapons, our team can develop and set up production at our own or your enterprise, various models of suppressors (silencers).

Contact us in a way convenient for you:

Phones: +380990839394; +380667515126
E-mail: steel.studio.p@gmail.com

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