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Cover for silencer 110x38 mm

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Reliable cover for muffler size 110x38 mm


Covers (covers) for mufflers from the STEEL company are convenient accessories that give the owner a whole range of advantages:

  • protect the muffler from corrosion, mechanical damage and environmental influences;
  • additionally reduce the volume of the shot;
  • reduce the possibility of receiving damage during shooting;
  • remove delirium from targeting vector;
  • temporarily hide the arrow on the thermal imager screen;
  • allow the device to be removed from the weapon without risk of burns.


The cover uses one of the best Heavy-Duty nylon fabrics in the DuPont segment, as well as heat-resistant silicone rubber that can withstand heat up to 300°C.

The cover is securely fixed on the muffler with the help of nylon velcro straps and is additionally tightened along the edges with a paracord cord on the fixator.

The cover comes in 4 colors: black, olive, coyote, multicam

Fits models: Gen 2 Tactical, Gen 2 Tactical AIR, Immortal Tactical AIR

Made of original cordura from the DuPont company and high-quality heat-resistant asbestos-free fabric, which allows the cover to protect the shooter from burns, removes the mirage from the silencer, and also reduces the sound of the shot by absorbing the resonance of the sound moderator.


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