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Gen 2 7.62 thread 14x1Lh (AK)

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Silencer "STEEL" Gen 2 7.62 14x1LH (AK)

Goods from the category "Wartime goods"
Caliber: 7.62x39
Carving: 14x1lh
Dimensions: 215x37
Weight: 490 g
Material and coating: Structural steel \ Oxidation
Sound attenuation: 26dB 60%
Design features:
Cameras: 9+1 (analogue of 15 cameras)
Not collapsible
Front expansion camera
Floating separator block
Possibility of automatic shooting mode : yes
Warranty: 1 year
Color: black

Coverage: bluing

About the group of goods "Wartime goods":
Since the beginning of the military conflict in 2014, the STEEL company has made it its goal to make the most reliable, affordable and effective silencers for the defenders of Ukraine. That is why, with the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine, until the victory of Ukraine, goods from the category "Wartime goods" are released at cost price.


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