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PEGASUS Integro wario rifle .308

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PEGASUS Integro wario rifle sound moderator (IVR).308

Caliber: .308
Thread: 1/2x20, 1/2x28, 5/8x24, 14x1, 14x1Lh, 15x1, 16x1, 17x1, 18x1 and others, availability check with the consultant
​​Weight: 635 g
Dimensions: 298х46
Material: Titanium Grade6
Coating: Cerakote
Sound reduction: 34dB 80%
Design features:
Cameras: 15+1 + dtk+ splitter + rear camera (analogue of 28 chambers)
Not collapsible
Rear expansion chamber
Floating separator block
Powder gas splitter
Integration 150 mm (any possible)
Third generation separator block
Possibility of automatic shooting mode: yes
Warranty: 3 years
Color: black


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