The production of suppressors for АК PKM SVD AR15 
weapons .308 .30-06 9mm 

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An integrated suppressor .308 .30-06

Reduces the sound on 28-30 dB which aurally, subjectively, makes up a sound reduction on 70%, and also entirely removes the flash of the shot.

It fits most American rifles and carbines in caliber .308 .30-06 .300 .223 .243 6mm creedmoor  etc. - more in directory.

Dimensions: 310х48 mm
Weight: 650-690 grams
Trunk integration: 150 mm
Covering: Cerakote

330 USD


What stands out in a suppressor Revolution?

1. An integrated or a pseudo-integrated suppressor - is when the main part of the device body is behind the trunk section.
This makes it possible to make a maximum effective soundmoderator, not increasing the dimensions of the weapon.
Your rifle or a carabin will remain swiveling, with a good balance, but with that, you will shoot very silent.

2. Big volume in conjunction with a patented internal circuit of a suppressor gives next improvements:

  • Minimum overgas
  • Minimum influence on STP
  • The absence of an influence on a weapon`s accuracy

3. Revolution has spiral flutes for faster heat exchange and cooling of the suppressor, and it also looks very nice.

Video review of an integrated suppressor Revolution from company Steel 

How much does a suppressor reduce the sound on?

REVOLUTION reduces the sound of a shot on 30 dB aurally it will seem, that now you shoot more than on  70% quieter than without a suppressor. With these characteristics you can:

  • Reduce and dispel the sound of a shot, which will greatly make it harder to identify your shooting position.
  • When using SubSonic ammunition you can almost unnoticably shoot beginning from the distance of  100 meters.
  • Get rid of a flash of the shot - your night aim will not light up, and your position at night will not be identified.
  • Shoot without headphones
  • Surprise friends with the efficiency of the supperessor and it`s cool appearance.

Internal construction of a suppressor REVOLUTION

Whom fits the suppressor Revolution?

  • Hunters - for those who need a maximum efficiency of a sound reduction of a shot (on 70% quieter)
  • Military snipers -  for those who need not only high characteristics of a sound reduction but also mobility,lightness of a weapon. (560 grams)
  • Shooting amateurs - for whom all previous characteristics are important and a great appearance of a weapon with a suppressor. 

Everyone who needs an effective sound reduction of a shot, and also to save the mobility of a weapon`s system. You can easily move with a rifle for a long time , not feeling any discomfort, like with the typical suppressor for 30 calibers with the lenght 210 mm and more. 

How does the suppressor REVOLUTION influence the accuracy of a weapon?

A good suppressor does not affect the accuracy of a weapon, the company STEEL produces such suppressors. And if our device worsens the accuracy of a weapon - then we regard it as a defective, the replacement or a repair of a such device is made for the company STEEL`s money.

Soundmoderator REVO reduces the recoil and this positively affects the effectiveness of a shooter. So the positive effect on an accuracy of shooting while using our suppressor -

Without a suppressor Steel .308 100 m

With a suppressor  Steel .308 100 м

For what calibers and for what rifles is this suppressor?

Is made for being used with a great variety of calibers.
.223 / .243 / .6.5mm creedmoor/ .308 / .30-06 / .300wm etc.

Is possible to make any threads
5/8 24UNEF/ 1/2 28UNEF / 18x1 / 17x1 / 15x1 / 14x1 / 14x1Lh and any others

What will I get after purchasing Revolution?

  1. An integrated suppressor foe your weapon
  2. An instruction for exploitation
  3. A high-qualitive pluwood packaging
  4. 1 year of a free warranty service
  5. Qualitive and quick consultations with questions about mounting, using etc.

I agree! What do I need to do next?

Fill in the request

After filling in the request the manager will contact you and specify the details of shipping.

We make a shipment

You pay and then we send your new integrated suppressor to the adress you mentioned in an order

Recieve the suppressor

Then you recieve your new suppressor. Shoot with a pleasure :)

A description of a suppressor Steel REVOLUTION

An integrated soundmoderator Steel for rifles and carbines  in .30  calibers is an effective and affordable device for reduction of a shot  sound and the flash of the shot.

Our suppressors with threads 5/8 24, 1/2 28, 14x1, 15x1, 16x1, 17x1, 18x1 fit for the majority of the rifles produced in America in calibers .308, .30-06 и 6 mm Credmor etc. The full list you can see in our catalogue of weapon`s threads - here.

With modest mass-dimensional characteristics (790 grams and 310x45 mm), the silencer adequately reduces the sound of the shot and completely removes the flash of the shot.

Also soundmoderators  Steel do not affect the accuracy of shooting.