Suppresors for AK, PK machine gun, Dragunov sniper rifle and AR15 
arms having .308 .30-06 9mm gauge

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Suppressor 7.62х39 thread14х1 Lh

Reduces the shot sound per 24-26 dB, subjectively being 60%, as well as eliminates gun flash completely.

Dimensions: 200х38 mm
Weight: 470 grams
Coating: oxidized

179 USD


Steel suppressor for modernized АК rifle 7.62х39

Internal design

The original double-loop system in combination with a large primary expansion chamber allows efficient cooling of the live gases in the minimum internal volume of the suppressor.

This scheme allows reducing the shot sound per 24-26 dB and completely remove the gun flash.

Suppressor for Modernized AK rifle 7.62 photos

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