Suppresors for AK, PK machine gun, Dragunov sniper rifle and AR15 
arms having .308 .30-06 9mm gauge

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Recoil buffer for АК rifle - Black

Recoil buffer for AK rifle, mounted between bolt carrier and barrel extension; makes the self-loading mechanism operation smoother, prevents metal riveting, damps the extra vibration and makes the AK rifle loading mechanism quieter, which is very important when shooting with suppressor



Steel recoil buffer for AK rifle recap

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Recoil buffer photos

Recoil buffer is compatible with

Modernized AK rifle, AKM-S, АК74, АКС74, АКС74У, Kalashnikov RMG, FORT-20х, Vulkan Т, Vulkan ТК, Saiga, Saiga МК03 and other AK rifle analogues